Tuesday Tips with EVO Haircare

We wanted to introduce an amazing new hair care line EVO, to the Denise Elliott Beauty Co. product family! We’ve been using the line since we’ve opened and are thrilled to have the full line on our retail shelves!

Evo is from Australia with a full range of shampoos & conditioners, leave-in treatments and styling products. The clean and simple packaging speaks to the “no gimmick” philosophy behind the brand. With no parabens, sulphates, dea or tea you know your hair will love you back!

Our senior stylist and colourist Christina shares below her steps for creating the perfect “beach waves” on owner and principal artist, Denise.


When doing a soft tossed curl on Denise I first started off with End Doctor. A perfect product for smoothing and protecting the ends. I then followed with Icon Welder. This product is used to protect the hair from heat , conditions, and locks in your preferred style! When spraying Icon welder in the hair you want to start from a distance making sure to get it evenly on mid-lengths to ends. Comb through and quickly blast the blow dryer to set the product into the hair.


I continued with the 1/2 inch curling iron wrapping the hair around the iron holding out Denise’s ends. When doing this you want to try and avoid touching the curl too much while its hot. It’s always best to let the hair cool down before running your fingers through it.


After curling I like to spray the Love Touch on mid lengths to ends, this product is by far my favorite! Not only does it smell delicious, it helps define the curls, reduces frizz, helps split ends and along with many more benefits.


Once the hair is cooled down I like to run my hands through to brake up the curls and soften it for more a beach wave!
For a bit more body near the crown I section the hair horizontally and sprinkled the Haze dry styling powder on her roots. This creates a gritty texture. I then back combed this area to create a firm smooth hold and build volume.



The final step to finish I used She bang-a-bang a dry wax spray gently pulled through the hair with my finger. This product has a gritty texture so the style will hold for days without getting sticky or crunchy!

Happy Tuesday!
Photo Credit by the talented Christine Pienaar 
Denise Elliott

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