Master This: How to Create a Boho Braid

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, it is harder to wake up to get ready. Seriously! Leaving the coziness of a warm, fluffy bed to primp and style our hair is the last thing you want to do on a dark morning, right?! Lucky for you, braided hair is in style this season! Even if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll be inspired to try our quick, trendy braided hairstyle for fall by created by our very own (talented team) Christina Robson.

Braids keep your hair healthy by avoiding damaging tools and the best style to wear when you’re avoiding those dreaded hair washing days. Whether you prefer to wear your hair down, half up or fully swept off your neck, there is a style for you, so here is one of our fave braids, along with a step-by-step how to create a Boho braid!

  1. First starting off with Milkshakes Dry Shampoo (which helps clean up the hair on those cold and wet days), grab horizontal sections aiming the spray at the root, which helps eliminate any oil build up but also adds a bit of texture to the hair.

Braided Hairstyle for Fall

2. Jenny likes to part her hair on her right side, so grabbing three small sections on the left at the top of her hair, we are going to criss cross sections going underneath each other to create what is called a “Dutch Braid”. Don’t stress if it’s not perfect … remember, it’s going to be textured and messy at the end for that Boho feel.

3. Continue braiding down along your hair line.

4. Before Putting in a hair elastic hold the bottom of the braid spray with EVO’s “She Bang A Bang” all long the braid.

5. Then starting from the top of the braid, lightly pull each loop of the braid. This will create that fullness and thickness of the Boho braid, especially for those that have finer hair. This braid will create that illusion of having thicker hair!

6. When finished, put in the elastic to help hold it together.

7. Pull all of your hair from the right side to the left side of your face. Once again, section off into three sections to start another dutch braid.

8. When doing this, incorporate your first braid in continuing all the way down .

9. Spray again with “She Bang A Bang” and pull out loops of braid while holding the bottom .

10. Once you are happy with how it looks put in another elastic , and tease the end of the braid for that messy look.

Braided Hairstyle for Fall

Voila, this is how to create a boho braid! Will you be trying this one?

Photos by the talented Christine Pienaar!

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