Friday night 5 minute makeup

Happy Friday! This Friday Night 5 Minute Makeup tutorial is perfect for those heading out straight from the office. To create the same base as Leah, please take a look at our last tutorial, Fresh and Glowy Spring Tutorial. Following these steps will have you ready for a night out in minutes!


 Step 1: Eyeliner

Starting off I like to focus on the eyes. I used a vibrant blue liner from Stila on the top of her lashes. Applying the liner from the outer corner moving towards the inner corner of her eye. Isn’t the blue stunning on her? I love these pencils and their creamy textures, they glide on the eye so smooth! The goal is to have the liner thick on the outer corner of the eye then become thinner towards the inner corner of the eye.


Step 2: Eyeshadow

Using the same eyeshadow from our last tutorial, I’ve created more depth with her eyes. Focusing on shading and having her eyes pop, I used a darker bronze shadow by blending from the outside corner to the inner crease of her eye. This definitely adds extra dramatic flair. Try using a contour/crease brush to achieve this step and remember lots of blending!


Friday night 5 minute makeup




Step 3: Bronzer & Highlight

Adding more bronzer to the cheeks will create a better illusion of the cheek bones. Especially with the dim light in the evening don’t be afraid of adding a bit more. Remember to apply your bronzer in the shape of a number 3. Starting at your forehead blending closer to the hair line, then bringing it down the sides of your temples. Next, blending underneath your cheekbones and lastly blending down your neck.


Blush makes a huge difference and is a must for an evening look! With Leah having a slight smile, I’ve applied the bright pink blush on the apples of her cheeks, then blending upwards.



Step 4: Lips

For Leah’s day look I applied  a beautiful nude Stila lip colour. However for evening to quickly step it up a notch I applied a hint of Armani gloss over top which really completes the look. If your wanting to give the lips a bit more definition, lightly draw around the lips with a similar lip liner colour, this will give the lips the perfect finish and plumpness.


Thanks to Christie Graham for the beautiful photography. Leah Alexandra for being my gorgeous model!

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