Skincare 101

Skincare 101

Since researching different skincare lines to bring into our new studio, I finally found a specific line that had a great amount of research and science behind it, called Racinne! Racinne is a Korean skincare line, and if there is one thing I can tell you about Koreans they are obsessed with good skin!

Racinne uses advanced plant stem cell technology that helps you feel beautiful in your own skin.

Skincare 101

To start my day, I always drink a few glasses of water. It’s important to keep your body well hydrated for the day, as you lose so much moisture overnight.

The next step, I apply the Ultimate Youth Power line.  This skincare activates collagen and elastin reproduction to minimize fine lines and enlarged pores. It leaves your skin soft, smooth, radiant and is suitable for all skin types!

It’s very important to take good care of your skin, after all it is your largest organ. Makeup only looks perfect, if the skin is well balanced and hydrated.

Here’s a list of my daily skincare routine.

Step 1

I start by cleansing with the Ultimate Hydra Perfection cleansing foam. This cleanser will both gently yet deeply cleanse the pores and restore your skin’s natural pH levels leaving the skin beautifully cleansed and balanced.


Once or twice a week it’s important to do a mask on the skin. My personal favourite is the Aqua Blanc Brightening Mask.  This celebrity followed mask brightens, deeply moisturizes, and rapidly improves the texture of the skin.  Your skin will be in love with this mask!

Step 2

Apply the Ultimate Youth Power Serum. This serum reduces all signs of visible ageing using Korean ginseng callus extract. This amazing product will instantly lift, firm and tone the skin!

Step 3

Gently massage the Ultimate Youth Power Cream into the skin.  This cream also has a built in primer, so if simplicity is what you are looking for this cream is perfect for you.

Skincare 101

Step 4

Take a small amount of your eye cream on your index fingers, press together, then gently pat along the eye contour. I use the Ultimate Hydra Perfection Brightening eye care. This eye cream reduces puffiness and dark circles so you feel refreshed to start your day!

*You never want to use your face cream around the eyes. The eye area is very thin, and face creams are too rich for this delicate area of the face.


Try our LadyM massaging applicator. This tool helps enhance skincare absorption, with gentle vibrations and after time will help firm the skin…it’s a must to try. Come stop by the store and let one of our beauty experts give you a demo.




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We cant wait to see you!


Denise Elliott

Photos by Christine Pienaar
















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