Product Testing Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!! This is a new idea I wanted to share, Product Testing Tuesday. I’ve been playing around with Glo Minerals for a while now, using it in my kit and on myself. With now officially being spring, I thought it might be a good time to freshen up your current makeup bag and routine. Today I decided to review the Glo Mineral product line and share my favourite go-to products that I highly recommend.  Off the bat, I can tell you the lip products and primers are amazing!


product testing tuesday

Face products:

Face Primer: This product works wonders. I find it works best for those who have an oilier skin.

Sheer tint base illuminator: If you want your skin to get a nice dewy glow, this is the perfect product to use as your base. It hydrates and smoothes out any fine lines giving your skin that gorgeous healthy glow!

Luxe Foundation: This foundation gives a really nice medium coverage and dewy finish! It lasts long and also brightens the skin. Using the brush (below) it blends the foundation flawlessly to give that airbrushed look. A little goes a long way, so you only need a pea size amount. The only negative comment I have about this product is that there isn’t enough shades to choose from, so it might be hard to get the exact colour shade you need.

Cream cheek: This product has a TON of pigment!! Lightly apply with your fingers and blend.

product testing tuesday

product testing tuesday

*Helpful Tip*

(Using the luxe foundation brush helps achieve a more flawless coverage and even tone. Apply from the inner area nose/cheeks then blend outwards)

Volumizing Mascara: The mascara hunt is finally over! This is honestly my new favourite mascara! I absolutely love the brush and how much volume it gives my lashes.


product testing tuesday

Lips from Glo

Lip Crayons: Whether you prefer a gloss formula or matte look these are rated a 10!! By far one of my favourite products and a must to try.

Lip GlossesI really like the formula, they aren’t too sticky which is nice and super hydrating!

LipsticksThey have a wide colour range and smooth texture when applying. If you have dehydrated lips I would recommend apply a lip balm before.

Product testing tuesday


This Fuchsia one (below pic) is my favourite especially for a brighter lip now that summer is just around the corner!

Denise June Tutorial-25

Photography by Christine Pienaar and last photo is by Christie Graham!

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