Makeup Tutorial: How to Apply false Lashes

False lashes can make a huge difference making your eyes pop! This makeup tutorial will show you how to pick the right ones for your eye shape and how to correctly apply false lashes so they last all night.

Lash Tutorial - Step 1

Step 1: Picking the right lashes for your eye shape

Different eye shapes means you should be picking lashes that are best suited for your eyes. Here are the different lashes you should be picking with different eye shapes below:

Wide set eyes – With eyes farther apart you want to focus on lashes being longer in the centre of the eye, this will make your eyes look closer together and more balanced.

Close set eyes – Longer lashes at the outer corner with give the appearance of your eyes being further apart.

Almond shape – Most lashes will look good on this eye whether you want to have a cat eye, natural look or more dramatic.

Round shape – Choose lashes that have a length from the inner eye out.

Deep set eyes – Choose a lash the has longer length in the middle. The eye is deep in the eye socket and will bring out the eye more.

Lashes step 1

Products you will need:


Duo glue



Denise Tutorial_Christie Graham Photography-86

Lashes - Step 2

Step 2: Measuring and trimming the lashes

Measure the lash right up from the inner to outer part of your eye. You will want to trim the out corner of the lash to have the lashes fit properly.  When trimming the lash cut it on an angle.

Lashes - Step 3

Step 3: Apply glue to the lash band

Squeeze the glue on a palette or surface and let the glue sit for a few minutes. My most important tip is ensuring the glue is a bit tacky, this makes it easier to apply without having the lash slide around on the eye and making a mess. You want to apply the glue all along the lash line. The key is just a thin amount.

Lashes step 4

Step 4: Apply the lash as close to the lash line

Using your fingers or tweezers aim to place the lashes right along the lash line. Sometimes it’s best to tilt your face down and come in with the lash on an angle. Once the lash is on press into the eye to make sure it’s secure.


Step 5: Curl the lashes

Once the lashes are dry use the eyelash curler. Curling the lash with your natural lash blend your real lashes with the false ones and should feel better too!

step 6

Step 6: Apply eyeliner over top of the glue

Use either a gel or liquid liner to apply over top of the dry glue. This will hide the look of the glue.

Special thanks to Photographer: Christie Graham  & Model: Sydney Roberts

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  1. Looks so nice and pretty 🙂 Congratulations 🙂 And professional too!! Do you ever recommend taking care of natural lashes before and after make up?.. I was using Castor Oil before and now it’s Cherish Lash serum. I think it’s kind of important.

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